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Thank you for your interest in our company. Rodelite Investments herein referred to as Rodelite Power is a professionally operated electrical contractor with the goal of providing high quality electrical construction services and building lasting personal relationships with our customers covering industrial ,commercial and home customers.We have achieved that goal by maintaining a core group of experienced and qualified electricians, most of which have been with Rodelite Power since its inception.


It was established to provide the highest electrical services to industrial and commercial markets. Rodelite Power specializes in a number of service offings which are detailed in our services page here

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Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the BEST possible electrical service to our customers and we have strict quality and SAFETY controls to make sure you are getting the BEST.



Our Vision 


Our vision is to be the industry EXPERT in the electrical industry and the leading provider of delivering SAFETY





In tandem with our corporate mission statement, these the following core values encompass the character of Rodelite Power. They underscore our commitment to people, professionalism, and accountability. They define us as a company and delineate where we are not willing to compromise.


We are committed to a role as a leader for change, working to advance safety practices at project job sites and the safety culture within the electrical construction industry as a whole. We are committed to the continued development and sophistication of our own internal safety organization as well as the advancement of safety management, education and training programs throughout the company.


Customers and end-users will be able to count on Rodelite Power Service’s technical execution and workmanship to be among the highest in the industry.


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We Fix All Types of Electronic Devices & Faults


We specialise in and we are experts in or trade, lights,catering,geysers,gate motors,generators and the list goes on.

  • Quick & Convenient Repair Process
  • We are Professional Technicians
  • Only Use High Quality Parts
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